Appteon takes an integrated approach to both the business or mission of the organization and IT so that the enterprise architecture we develop provide a holistic view of the enterprise and captures the essentials of the business, IT and its evolution.  The underlying idea is that the essentials of the business are much more stable than specific solutions that are employed for the problems at hand. Thus, the enterprise architecture is helpful in safeguarding the essentials of the business, while allowing the maximum flexibility and agility in the selection of IT solutions and adoption of technologies.

Our approach effectively distinguishes between what is part of the enterprise architecture (an essential) and what is merely an implementation within that architecture. By separating what can be changed and what can be filled in more freely, we can guarantee that the architecture actually helps in achieving essential business objectives. Since architectures need to accommodate changes (e.g., operating environment changes, regulations, new technologies, or new insights as to what is essential to the business), our approach includes proven techniques for describing, analyzing, and communicating what fulfills the needs of the different types of stakeholders in the architecture.

Our services include:

  • Business Driven, Value-Added Approach to Investment Planning
  • Integrates with Program Management (governance, change management, etc.), and Investment
    o    Modeling and Artifact Development (current and target)
    o    Gap Analysis
    o    Transition Plan Development
    o    Segment Architecture Development/FSAM
    o    Assessments (OMB, GAO)
    o    Repository and Website Development & Maintenance
    o    Architecture Frameworks (FEAF, DODAF, TOGAF, Zachman)
    o    Experts with Tools such as Troux METIS, Systems Architect, Rational, and others