Appteon provides IT Assessments support based on an in-depth understanding of Federal Government policy and procedures for budgeting and capital planning.  From the inception of the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996, capital planning has been subjected to more rigorous review.  Capital planning decisions need to be justified in terms of their relationship to business objectives and impact.  Our employees providing strategic planning support are experts in Clinger-Cohen, the Federal Government capital planning processes including preparation of Exhibit 53, Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC), Business Case Analysis, and Investment Management (OMB-300 preparation), Portfolio Management is an inherent aspect of many investment planning decisions. Appteon has extensive experience in aligning existing and planned IT systems with the business of the enterprise for the purpose of both planning and managing future IT investments and establishing an IT inventory description.

Our services include:
•    Strategic Alignment – Mission and Program Linkage
•    Business Process Engineering/Improvement
•    Technology Assessment/Alternative of Analysis
•    Business Case (OMB-300)/Functional Economic Analysis (as in JCIDS)
•    Performance Measurement
•    Portfolio Management
•    Capital Planning/Portfolio Management