In a fiercely competitive world of business, an ability of businesses to adapt to rapidly changing market demands to deliver cutting edge products to its customers is a single most critical success factor in ensuring a competitive edge and achieving strategic goals.  Quite often; this is a sole driving reason for organizations to move towards SOA.

The Challenge
In the quest for adapting to SOA concepts and supporting technologies, the biggest challenge organizations face is in truly understanding how SOA can benefit ‘their’ business. Understanding generic SOA concepts is not enough.  Understanding how to apply the concepts to your organization’s specific needs is vital.  Aligning the applied Enterprise SOA concepts with current business plans and the IT strategic roadmap is equally critical in making SOA initiatives successful and achieving a positive Return on Investment.

The Solution
Appteon stands ready to ensure that your SOA initiatives are effectively aligned with your business strategy and that your investment in SOA results in a positive return.  We have successfully guided other organizations through this process, let us do it for you too.

Why Appteon?
Appteon offers a unique set of services that allows organizations to assess their current IT infrastructure and architecture from a SOA perspective.  Appteon’s SOA professionals are industry experts across diverse business domains and technology providers in the SOA space.  With thorough understanding of SOA concepts and supporting technologies coupled with strong business domain knowledge, Appteon is an ideal partner in your quest to become a successful SOA organization.  Our SOA services are as follows:

1)    SOA Preparedness & Maturity Analysis
2)    SOA Breakthrough
3)    SOA Enterprise Architecture
4)    SOA Best Practices and Recommendations
5)    SOA Enterprise Integration
6)    SOA Lifecycle Management and Governance