The increasing complexity of today’s IT solutions creates an ever growing demand for support from the end user. As a result, the help desk has become a critical support function for many organizations.
Appteon provides high quality user support in high trouble ticket, heavy-call traffic environments. Our help desk performance has delivered cost reductions by combining its courteous and trained personnel and proven processes with state of the art help desk tools.

Help Desk Institute (HDI) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundations v2/v3
We develop all of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) using HDI and ITIL best practices and emerging trends for help desk/support centers. While we have incorporated the concepts and practices of HDI and ITIL to provide a sound basis for managing Information Technology Development and Information Technology Services Management (ITSM), we specifically incorporated the Service Delivery and Service Support concepts in our SOPs, including:
•    Service Level Management;
•    Capacity Management;
•    IT Service Continuity Management;
•    Availability Management;
•    Financial Management;
•    Single Point of Contact;
•    Single Point of Entry;
•    Single Point of Exit;
•    Data Integrity; and
•    Streamlined Communication Channel.