As the old adage goes, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Legacy systems, defined as those that have been inherited from languages, platforms, and techniques earlier than current technology, often do not instantly integrate with the latest cutting edge technology. Most enterprises have legacy applications and databases that serve critical business needs. The challenge in most instances is to keep the legacy application running while converting it to newer, more efficient systems. At Appteon, our innovative approach helps shape your future without forgetting the IT roots.
Appteon helps develop and integrate web services to solve point-to-point legacy integration problems. We help our clients leverage these services strategically across their entire enterprise.

We implement leading edge Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) processes and procedures including:

  • Developing a top-down SOA considering all aspects of the business and IT infrastructure
  • Encapsulating existing/legacy functionality with a web services interface that will meet current as well as future requirements of the business
  • Using a service model to act as a clearing house for information about what’s going on in the IT environment
  • Establishing a continuous feedback between the business and technical areas that is both active and automatic in monitoring or implementing software
  • Following agile methodologies and techniques focused on simplicity, efficiency, and maintaining focus on client’s requirements