Organizations are facing the realities of a highly competitive marketplace, with the need for reliable, time critical decision-making systems. These challenges require speed and ubiquitous solutions, often transcending multiple organizations and geographic regions. Web-centric solutions provide organizations with the ability to effectively and efficiently conduct business in this new environment and better service their global constituent base.

For the past eight years, Appteon has developed expertise in building reliable, complete life-cycle solutions¬† covering design, development, and management of web-centric applications. Our mission critical web applications are built to exceed Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) requirements. Our solutions include portals that significantly improve user access to information and services as well as web applications that streamline complex backend processes. All our web-centric solutions are built upon proven technologies and standards and are scalable to support large user populations. Appteon’s success is built upon a solid team of highly educated and trained consultants. We commit considerable resources to make sure our consultants are well trained and current in the latest technologies such as ASP, ColdFusion, J2EE, Oracle, Weblogic and more.