On June 13, 2017, Appteon procured the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) 8(a) Streamlined Technology Application Resource for Services (STARS) II Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) contracting vehicle. This contract is exclusively awarded to small businesses and promotes a greater use of small businesses when purchasing information services or IT services-based solutions for the federal government.

This vehicle has two main tiers-Constellation I and Constellation II-to compliment industry accreditations. Constellation I may consist of competitive– price-wise and technical proficiency-wise– industry partners. Constellation II includes all that Constellation I does, with an added industry credential.

The contract names Appteon as an eligible provider of IT services and IT services-based solutions to the Federal Government. Appteon happens to be proficient in each of the four Functional Areas (FA) outlined by the contract, making Appteon the perfect fit for this contract.

The Four FAs are listed:

  • FA1: NAICS 541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
  • FA2: NAICS 541512 – Computer Systems Design Services
  • FA3: NAICS541513 – Computer Facilities Management Services
  • FA4: NAICS 541519 – Other Computer Related Services

If a client requires work in only one of the FA’s then the work is a Constellation II opportunity; otherwise, it is a Constellation I opportunity.

The benefits of such a contract are listed below:

  • Appteon is now available to all federal agencies
  • Integrated technology solutions
  • Worldwide contract coverage
  • Premier industry partners represented
  • Innovative cost-effective solutions
  • No restrictions on contract types
  • Compliance with Section 863 of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2009
  • Quality customer service
  • Pre-qualified pool of contractors
  • Reduced acquisition lead time
  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Management, acquisition, and technical expertise
  • Flexibility of IT scope