We live in a world full of data, and organizations are figuring out how to leverage it in better ways everyday.

What We Cover
  • Data Governance: We have experts on-hand that understand the complexities of Data Governance in large organizations. We can affect positive change by increasing consistency and confidence in your data.
  • Database Management: Appteon has decades of combined experience in database management in all flavors.
  • Data Security: At Appteon, we understand the risks that come with insecure data. We are fully versed in DoD and Government regulations regarding data security & know how to implement best-practices so that you can be confident that your data is in the right hands, and only the right hands.
  • Data Quality: Check out our Data Quality page for more information.
  • Metadata Management: Through our years of experience in collaboration, content, and records management, we know how important it is to know what the data you have means to your organization, and how it can best be leveraged.
  • Content & Records Management: Content & records are rarely handled well. At Appteon, we understand the challenges that arise in large organizations and have proven experts that can get your organization in-line.
  • Master Data Management: Master Data Management is something that organizations must do correctly. Appteon has experience with Master Data Management and can employ best practices such as normalization, transformation, and consolidation to get you on the right track.
  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence: Check out our Data Warehousing & BI pages.