We build identity hierarchies specifically mapped to our client’s organization and business process flow, implement easily understandable authorization and access controls, and provide intuitive user administration tools to manage the user base.


We begin by evaluating our client’s organizational structure, and compare how that maps to their data’s access needs. We then design an identity structure and access model that will be understandable to our client, as well as robust and centralized for ease of administrative use. Once approved by our client, we implement our design using the appropriate technical solution.

Our Solutions Provide:
  • Authentication (CAC/PKI) & Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • User Registration & Provisioning
  • Permission & Group Policy Management
  • Federated Integration Across Domains
  • Auditing & Compliance
  • Organizational & Workforce Management
  • Enterprise Portal, Single Point of Entry

Our security and identity management solutions have made our customer’s compliant to their required security regulations, increased the efficiency of user onboarding/termination processes, and secured their data so only those who should have access have access. We have successfully streamlined several access and authorization implementations across numerous customer types.